RAU Titanium was founded by the necessity to break the conformance to the traditional fastener solutions found in the Automotive aftermarket industry. Each of our titanium products utilize Ti 6AL-4V (Grade 5) Titanium Alloy, often found in Aerospace and high stress environments and is extremely resistant to corrosion and notable for its strength to weight ratio. Product quality in raw material and manufacturing practices are critical to producing a part that is designed to stand up to the demands of motorsport and high performance applications.

RAU Titanium manufacturing is a member of the International Titanium Association, certified ISO9001: 2015 and TUV registered, ensuring quality management of our products and processes.


There are a number of important elements in the production of specialty fasteners, not the least of which are materials, design and manufacturing. The most optimal combination is a healthy amalgamation of the lot, focusing on the functionality, performance and physical appearance as a whole. Each of our catalog items has been carefully engineered and crafted to suit the specific utility or service it is intended to perform. RAU Titanium also offers custom fastening solutions to our clients, from assembly hardware for the Automotive Forged Alloy wheel market, to Automotive Motorsport lug manufacturing and Motorcycle Motorsport fasteners.